What Clear Pool Web Design provides:

Initial Website design services:

  • Up to five pages, including:
    • Home page
    • About page
    • Contact page 

On going services

  • Domain registration/renewal
  • Annual hosting
  • Monthly updates as necessary

Most websites require about 2 weeks to get up and running, although some may take longer depending on the number of changes requested. Our commitment is to produce the site you want no matter how long it takes.

What you need to get started:

  • Let’s get started checklist
  • Signed agreement
  • $100 deposit to start prior to domain registration.

Current fees

  • Design/development $250
  • Annual Hosting $300

Service Agreement

By accepting the following terms of agreement I agree to:

  • Pay a $100 deposit prior to domain registration which starts the design process.
  • Pay the remainder of first-year fees $450 ($150 for the remainder of design fees + $300 for hosting) within 15 days after final approval.
  • I understand that “Annual hosting fees” of $300 will be billed annually thereafter on the anniversary of my initial contract.
  • I understand that failure to pay invoices in a timely manner will result in my website being removed from service until fees are paid.
  • I understand I have the right to make small changes/additions to my website throughout the year at no additional fee i.e add pictures, minor textual changes, etc.
  • I understand larger changes can be made for an additional fee which can vary based on size and scope.

By signing/confirming below I agree to the above service agreement and commission Clear Pool Web Design to build a website for my business.

Please list business name or website